Teaser Portfolio

Serving indian traditions

Established in retail across 150+ stores in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. Kalchi moved themselves out of the shelf towards creating an online identity and direct to consumer channels. From brand attributes, outlook to packaging and visual identity. We recreated a modern kalchi for the ‘world wide web’ world.

Branding, Website and Marketing

Shahji Premium Desi Ghee

A legacy brand with a powerful name had to reflect royalty which was profoundly missing from the identity and social platforms. We created rich Indian heritage elements and brought it all together resulting in increasing the ROAS, engagement and sales magnificently.

Branding, Social Media and Performance


Standing for a noble mission to create a better world for women. Sanfe was not able to justify the mission through content and art. Our auditing on performance and brand cleared the paths and results started showing up in 2 weeks time. 4 times the usual reach & over 100 engagements on daily basis.

Content, Art Direction and Performance